Sean is an absolute Master at what he does. I received many sessions with him and they were the most powerful, transformative bodywork sessions I’ve ever had!

I experienced profound awareness of the energy moving through my body, the points and meridians he was focusing on, and felt deeply relaxed, grounded, nourished and refreshed at the end of each session.
Sean beautifully blends a variety of special healing modalities into a truly unique offering. I could tell how deeply passionate about his work and I could feel his care and attunement throughout the entire session.
If you have an opportunity to experience one of his incredible one-of-a-kind sessions, I *highly* recommend it!
— Nina I

I’ve done acupuncture with a dozen practitioners before Sean, even the old chinese guys and, hands down, Sean is the best. I am blown away by his keen ability to consistently hit the right points with acupuncture and even before that his super keen sense in feeling a body and finding pain points pretty much as well as I can in my own body, it’s incredible.

I also recently took a Qigong training w Sean after seeing how good he was at acupuncture, this was my first exposure to it and I have to say he’s also an incredible teacher was one of the best for-health learning experiences of my life, thank you Sean!
— Tommy R

My session today with Sean was powerful and very effective! He is the best acupuncture practitioner I have ever worked with. The way that Sean combines beautiful shamanic elements with acupuncture is incredibly special. He stands out as a truly skilled, caring, and intuitive healer. I hope to work with Sean many more times in the future! Thank you Sean
— David p

I was literally speechless after my Shamanic Acupuncture session with Sean. I have had problems with my shoulder for years and enormous progress was made with just one session. I have become a firm believer in that Seans obvious mastery of Acupuncture combined with his very evident gift as a Shamanic healer yields very real results.

Thank you Sean.

You worked your magic and liberated my pain.
— Nils H

Sean is an amazing gift!

His wisdom, intuition to know exactly what is needed and his knowledge of so many modalities and teachings, weaves together the most perfect session! His big heart, years of experience and playful soul will create a lovely container for healing, growth and transformation.

My body and I are always grateful for the experience of receiving from Sean and have always left feeling sooo good!

I am very particular about who I allow/choose to work with me and Sean has been the only practitioner for me for years as I went through some very vulnerable times! He creates and holds a safe and sacred space for magic to happen. If you are reading this, treat yourself, you deserve it!
— Nazli K

I came into the session feeling emotionally contracted, anxious and self-doubting, and left feeling expanded, warm and fuzzy, radiating with love and joy. Sean created a powerful ceremonial healing experience combining acupuncture, sound, and touch imbued with felt intention and awareness. I experienced deep presence and stillness, heightened sensitivity in my body, sensations of warm buzzing energy and light radiating from my heart, release of emotional barriers, and connection to the spirit of love and joy inside of me.
— Janel S