There are many teachers and masters who have contributed in different ways to the present manifestation of Shentara in the world. With great Gratitude to these teachers, schools and organizations, these links are offered for all those interested in exploring deeper into these practices and Ways of Being.

Las Piramides del Ka - Meditation Center and Mystery School at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala offering Initiatic Retreats of Sun and Moon.

White Tiger Qigong - The most comprehensive Qigong training program in Asia, teaching ancient, powerful forms of Taoist Medical Qigong.

Applied Channel Theory - True classical Chinese Medicine in practice, based on the teachings and practice of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi. Grounded in ancient wisdom and modern research, using feeling of the channels to diagnose and treat with acupuncture.

The Universal Alliance - Open-Source Spiritual Collective dedicated to the Realization of Unity, Peace and Freedom on Planet Earth, with a mission to bring Awareness of Spirit back into our daily lives and livelihoods.